The Opera House from Dawes Point

I hated this painting almost the entire time I worked on it, up until the last hour or so where I began to render the ripples in the harbour. I think it's the limited palate. For some reason after the water was rendered more effectively it seemed to 'tighten up' and really look great. The light always looked right; just like it does late morning when the sun is breaking through the clouds, maybe towards the middle of the year in early winter. The grey of the overcast sky and the blue breaking through in the reflection makes an interesting composition. My wife's uncle told me it "...feels like the water is moving" which it what you set out to achieve when you paint water. Merci Benoit..!

It might also have something to do with the type of ferry traffic on the water.

I have never caught a River cat; I feel like I've missed a little something by not doing this. I guess when you come from Manly a lot of people think you look down through your nose on places like Parramatta - and perhaps we do to a degree. I believe much of the run up the Parramatta River is through a ton of Mangrove and not the most interesting for the sight-seer.

Still, I think I will do it one day, I've watched a you tube video (sped - up) which I enjoyed and it as ignited a little curiosity on this little voyage. I've even had a few dreams about it, although with my dreams there's always illogical surrealism - you could wind up anywhere with anyone - catching a River cat up the Parramatta River which eventually winds up in Venice, sitting next to Chewbacca the entire journey.

"Circular Quay Too (Sic) Parramatta"

- (Cut & paste again - sorry folks - also I hope you like The Eurythmics & bad dub-step type Elevator Music)

Acrylic on Canvas
76 x 58 cm

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