The Opera House at Dawn

How many of us have seen a view like this before?

I must have seen this sight hundreds of times travelling across the bridge to work or university over the years... The sun rising to the East over the Tasman Sea, bursting through a far out to sea cloudbank which looks like a fantastic mountain range. It's beautiful light bathing the surrounding sky a myriad of hues, namely peach, rose, lemon and orange. Amazing. And the Opera House, being so much lighter in tone than much of the surrounding development seems to glow dully from all the faint reflected light filling the sky and falling on the clouds above (if they're there of course. Somehow on cloudless days it seems to happen more).

The image is loose and playful - like the idea it's so early the weary commuter is still getting the mind to work and the eyes are still adjusting.

You know how they say you have to stop and smell the roses in life..? Well, they're right. You do. You never know when these sights mightn't be available to you as readily as they once were. It really is a matter of "life is what hapens when you are busy making other plans" as John Lennon said.

Stop and smell a rose, or lie on some fresh cut grass in the sun for twenty minutes, or watch a sunset today. Go on - spoil yourself.

Acrylic on Canvas
76 x 58 cm

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