Opera Bar

I had a mate once complain that the drinks were expensive at the Opera Bar in the forecourt of Sydney's Famous Opera House. I was truly Astounded; here we were enjoying a drink alongside one of the worlds most iconic, remarkable and beautiful man made structures and he was whining about the price of a beer. The philistine..! The best things about the bar is where it is; the few dollars extra is completely worth it to marvel at the Opera House itself and the wonderful views of the city, North Sydney and the bridge, along with all the water traffic which passes by as the sun sets.

An amazing spot; really brilliant at any time of the day but especially when bathed in the glow of the evening setting sun against the majestic sails of the icon like in my painting here. It's like the whole world glows; even more marvelous in mild summer weather. I guess only someone who has taken it in can appreciate it.

When I showed this work in Quebec a couple wandered by and the woman said to the man (in French) "Oh, regarde - Vancouver..." (Oh - Look: Vancouver) referring to the recently built Trade and Convention Centre.

Oh well. I take it as a personal matter, not a criticism of my own artistic merit. She probably would have thought a painting of the Colosseum was home of the Dallas Cowboys.


Acrylic on Canvas
72 x 56 cm

The delightful and no doubt functional aforementioned Convention centre which looks like Cinderella's ugly step sister's goofy bridesmaid by comparison

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