Beautiful Garden Re-Imagined

This was a commission in late 2012 for a woman's mother. My client Tatianna brought me a work her mother loved from a desk calender, which was really beautiful. It was however the work of a disabled man who painted with his mouth. As much as I have always lived by Picasso's motto: "All artists borrow - GREAT artists STEAL", I wasn't entirely comfortable with the notion of copying another artist who did these works for a charitable cause and whatsmore had mastered the art of working with his mouth. I can barely brush my teeth let alone accomplish what he did. Do I took the same palate, elements of the design and created something which my client felt would suit her mother's tastes. So - sorry SeƱor Picasso - I borrowed instead of stole. It worked - and thankfully daughter got a very tearfully delighted mother on Christmas day.

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