Mum's Best Friend

Okay so I have really neglected my blog posts in recent months which is very frustrating.

But it's also a good sign I have been busy, and thankfully have the artwork to prove it.

Here's a little work I sent home to Australia for my Mother's Birthday in April (a month late but she was very understanding - a friend carted it there on a business trip) and it's a portrait of her watering the garden in her front yard with her faithfull adoring Jack Russell Terrier Holly keeping her company.

The house has changed dramatically as the folks have renovated and repainted the joint since I left, but it will forever be remembered like this for me. The Sydney afternoon sun through the Eucalypt trees, the light (which is very different than here in Canada)- I can almost hear the ciccadas in the trees...

I'm inclined to think I was inpired a little by the late great Howard Arkley, an enigmatic and idiosyncratic Australian Artist who focussed much of his work on the Suburban mailaise, and the bungalows of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane Adelaide and Perth's "Burbs". Here's a little You Tube Video of him:

(I'd have painted Dad but you can't see him watching television on the couch from this angle..!)

16 x 20 inches/40 x 50 cm, Acrylic on Canvas

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