Wonder Woman

I've been inspired by other illustrators blogs and galleries online and decided to start producing some work of the things that made me want to draw wen I was a kid. I attempted a Wonder Woman painting a few weeks ago, and it has been sitting, staring at me... Often I put work aside and go back to it; in this case I decided to go back to the drawing board and start anew - brand new image from scratch. So the rough I worked up developed into a pretty good digital painting... Now to put it to canvas..!

I really loved DC Comics growing up and still read them occasionally - total nerd. Wonder Woman always fascinated me - especially due to the 70's TV show Starring Lynda Carter. She was so tall and beautiful - I couldn't take my eyes off her. Everything the Amazonian Princess was supposed to be... And of course every little kid - male or female - did the Wonder Woman twirl with the theme music playing in their head in every schoolyard at some stage..!

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