Batteries to Power - Turbines to Speed

The Dynamic duo - astride the Batmobile. What other car did you want to drive as a boy..? James Bond's Aston Martin DB5..? K.I.T.T. from Knight Rider..?

No way - it was the Batmobile every time.

I love the Batmobile because it feels like an actual character in the comics. And both the Tim Burton and Christopher Nolan films have addressed this notion. I love the idea of the car being like a half racing car/rocket sled - half tank, armored and full of gadgets. Batman's mobile office. Gangsters wouldn't know whether it was a machine or a monster - it arrives, deliver's mayhem and leaves in a cloud of confusion.

I also loved that idea Frank Miller and others have touched on that the Batcave is filled with tons of equipment and machinery, and somewhere there is a whole section dedicated to Batmobiles, every one of them for a different job, and their multiple roles and differing appearances keeping his enemies on their toes.

Hey - a geek can dream, right..?

Not the first time I have posted an image of it on this blog - probably won't be the last either. I had played with the idea of a lot of gadget and weapon ports along the body - barely visible but it kind of distracted from the notion it's a mystery machine to the uninitiated...

Acrylic on canvas.

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