Christ Triptych

A while ago I produced this Christian triptych for a fundraiser my Mother was running. It seemed to produce a really positive response from everyone who viewed it.

I’m not a religious person; I have many issues with organized religion, and my own beliefs which are complex and ironically simple at the same time. I still believe though there is a great deal of good which comes from it, such as community support, tradition, enlightenment on many levels and sheer goodness.

There really isn’t enough of that in the world so it should be encouraged, not mocked or derided.

I chose a triptych as it’s a type of work which developed through Christianity. In the first few centuries as the church developed, folding three-piece screens were set up behind altars for masses. After a period, Christian motifs appeared on them and this developed directly into the tradition of multi-paneled painting and associated art which is employed world-wide throughout studios and galleries.

In producing this work I was aiming for imagery which everyone could relate to. Elderly people, little children, those who don’t normally view art, and hopefully some of those who do. The result is it’s a little benign by some standards. Regardless, it touched people on some level and for this I’m glad.

It also raised several thousand for impoverished people in South America, so for this I’m very glad.

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