Still Life: Diana Jug

I knocked this up last night whilst watching a John Wayne flick. A connection I'll explain presently.

Man, I'm really loving colour pencils at the moment; here's another effort on Canson paper.
The subject is a Jug by the Diana Ceramic Company of Bendigo (Vic, Australia) which is a well known pottery region in Australia, circa 1940.

My folks have owned two of them for years; inherited when my grandparents passed away. Only after I picked the dern things up did I read underneath "Grand Crest Whisky by Diana". After a bit of research on the net it turns out they were a promotion by the liquor Co. as water jugs for their whisky drinkers.

Hmmmn, that’d be right…

Oh yeah, my grandfather loved a scotch, and John Wayne, so it goes hand in glove...

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