Spring Forward ~ Fall Back

Trying to get over serious Jet-lag after a short trip to Sydney; seems like I have been jet lagged for two weeks now. Just when I recovered to fall into Australian Eastern Standard Time I have lived in all my life, I return back to Canada to refresh it. Yawn.

I also return to lower Canada in full-Autumn swing... Which is in many ways temperature, light and daylight hours comparable to Sydney mid-winter. A strange feeling which is kind of familiar somehow - then I realized why. It was what I lived though in my last year in Sydney and first year in Toronto. I went from one Sydney Winter to a Toronto Fall, then into a Toronto Winter. One really long winter effectively.

Now - not to say that was a bad time - I actually dig cooler weather and don't go stir-crazy living indoors, and quite like overcast and snowy weather - but it was unusual. I'm also quite looking forward to this winter as it's likely to be very cold compared to my first Northern Hemisphere experience.

I painted this work last winter for my Mother-in-law as a gift for her to hang in her Florida summer-home. It's a work from an image of a lake she photographed in Quebec which is amazing, with a mirror surface and a small narrow tree covered isle in it. It was the first painting I really fell into my groove with here in Canada and I've been meaning to post it since.

It's my little way of reminding myself and everyone who checks in on my blog that this is an amazing country when the season changes to cold - the leaves and the colours are unbelievable - and add to that purple hillsides dotted with orange trees, a beautiful lake with a unique landmark, and a vanilla sky you have a really pretty composition.

Acrylic on Canvas 24 x 18"

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